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Karmel Jäger has been making waves in the underground electronic music scene ever since she threw in the classical music towel and took up the much sweatier towel of DJing and producing. Originally a classical singer based in London, she toured the UK and Europe performing in concert halls and working as a session singer at places like Abbey Road Studios before returning to Sydney and her first love of all things rave.

As a DJ she's played for numerous Sydney-based collectives including WeLove, Kode, Undisclosed, Lucky Presents, AllFriends, Zoo, Sunday Service, Cosmic Boogie, Medusa Valley, Extra Spicy, Heaps Gay, Poofdoof, Birdcage, and Garden Party, supporting Stanton Warriors and Krafty Kutz.

Over the past year her music has been garnering attention of the likes of Rinse FM, Balaami Radio, Aaja and WNCL, releasing on labels in Berlin, Dublin, London and Sydney. Her debut solo EP came out on Extra Spicy in 2022 and she’s been contributing to their VA’s since then with her tracks “The Aliens Have Landed” and her N Trance bootleg of “Set You Free”.

So far 2023 has seen Karmel release a remix EP from her latest, with contributions from Sharpson, Hedchef and Borai, and releases via Pollination and B&H Records (Sydney). More releases are on the way for this busy artist including via Patchworks and Lost Palms. 

Karmel’s sets are high energy, spanning grime, ravey techno and breakbeats, and often include unexpected moments that might be anything from hiphop to a Mozart remix.

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