Karmel Jäger is a Sydney based DJ, producer, composer and singer. Originally a professional classical singer, Karmel moved from London back to her hometown of Sydney in 2017.


Transitioning from classical to electronic music fairly quickly, Karmel released her debut self-produced track in 2018 and began DJing in early 2019. Karmel has been honing her producing skills alongside building a DJ career, releasing a second track in 2019 and her latest track, “​Nowhere to Go”, ​is the third release from this budding Sydney artist. 2021 sees Karmel release a couple of tracks with Berlin label, ​“Tooflez”, ​as well as several collaborations with overseas producers.

As a DJ, Karmel is regularly booked for club nights including Sunday Service for Sideboob, Undisclosed (Goodbar, Club 77), This is Living, Gigs in the Garden (The Roundhouse), Birdcage (Slyfox) and Tokyo Sing Song. She co-produces ​“All Things House”,​ which airs Thursdays at 4pm-6pm on Bondi Beach Radio, alongside SpeedQueen.

Thanks to her diverse musical background, Karmel finds it difficult to stick to one genre, and plays deep house, house, melodic, techno, electro and rnb.